July 10, 2020

Main reasons why you should keep checking and evaluating your life so your future self will thank you

Is reflection important?

To answer that weighty question, we must define what REFLECTION is and how we use it in the context of gaining perspective - a personal evaluation for the purposes of this blog. 

Generally, reflection is a thought or writing about something particular in the past. The act itself of reflecting on one’s past is the focal point, albeit, the only point and to prove that doing so will empower you for a better life.

Self-reflection is vital in the overall wellness of one’s being. We say this because when the mind is perfectly in sync with the body’s physical state, then total and complete balance has been achieved. And a key point of being mentally stable is to have a good grasp of your life achieved through self-evaluation (of past events) in order to do better in both the present and future.

So we ask again, why is life reflection vital in our existence? The most simple answer is this: We reflect in order to discover and keep learning about ourselves which will lead to making profound changes in our lives.

Seven Key Benefits of Periodic Self-Reflection

Reflection is also a tool we can use for this goal: Either to create a mind map of what led us to our current point of being or to ask ourselves important (often difficult) life questions we usually avoid:

  • Were our choices deliberate, easy or coerced?
  • What influenced us?
  • What are you avoiding?

Or do we use reflection to help discern what happened and what can happen if we don’t decide to do something?

These are some of the reasons why we self-reflect. 

The need to do it? The fact that there are more pros than cons should remove any doubt. Here are key benefits of why doing an annual self-reflection will help shape a positive future.

To Boost Your Confidence

Self-reflection allows us to look back and see where we’ve come from and make us see a clear path towards where we want to go. Whatever you decide for yourself in the future will be based on a newfound confidence. The same confidence that you may not have had before you began.


It won’t be an easy step but as soon as you gain more confidence with every effort into reflecting on your strengths as well as your weaknesses, your future will be healthier. You’d be able to lead your life with a renewed respect for self.

Discover More About Yourself

The key focus point here is Integrity. Reflection is a process that takes you deeper into yourself in order to discover; type of discovery that unveils your past right before your eyes. 

Looking back on your various actions will reveal insights about yourself. What you can discover may be positive or negative. Then what follows is a review of your decisions and comparing them against the values or lessons you may have gained (or failed) by your experiences. 

You’ll gain integrity after realizing the positive things you can discover about yourself.

Helps Learn Meditation Via Writing


Make an effort into various forms of reflection that’s both habit-forming and convenient. Keep in mind that in the beginning, the goal for doing any self-reflection program is to make it a habit. So if you feel like you don’t know what to do, we recommend trying out writing in a journal. 

Simple entries in a notebook is an easy way to start; writing one-sentence, at first, will lead to many as you go from page to page. Be honest about your evaluation. And make time to create entries that you can review through from time to time. 

Looking back at them gives perspective on what has been and what should be done.

Keeps Focus on Goals and Productivity


Having clarity and purpose is a product of doing reflection often. And in choosing to write them down in a journal, what you’re inevitably doing is to create a plan of action towards your goals. 

Evaluating your past actions against your goals will reveal how productive you have been. If you’ve strayed far from your goal, change your pace or change your plan of action. If you’re now closer to your goals, then think of how to maintain such focus.

Fosters Deep Thinking For Clarity


Self-reflection is the process of bringing your attention to what’s happening in your life in a mindful and open-minded way. It’s all about creating self-awareness

So many of us focus on getting ahead that we don’t necessarily take time to reflect on what’s going onwithin us. As we get used to doing this as a habit, we eventually develop clarity in our thinking process which also leads to making better (smarter) decisions, better understanding of self and having really sound ideas - helpful in productivity.

Learning and Correction of Mistakes

None of us are perfect in any sense so we are very much prone to making mistakes even when we don’t realize we’ve made them. This is where doing a reflection is helpful. 

It gives us a chance to evaluate the year’s most significant actions and decisions to see if we’ve been correct in making them. We do this because if we don’t realize our own mistakes and pitfalls, we are doomed to repeat them

By looking at our mistakes, we can figure out ways to prevent them, make amends with people who’ve been affected and create better opportunities to become smarter decision-makers in the future.

Understanding of Emotions (Emotional Intelligence)


Perhaps the most important benefit you can gain out of doing periodic self-reflection is this: to strengthen our ability to understand our own emotions. 

Emotional Intelligence is equivalent to being organically balanced at the core - being both mentally and emotionally stable is hard to achieve because we are bound to one more than the other. 

It’s how we assess situations and make decisions accordingly. When making an effort into reflection, we are looking into ourselves more, internally making a review of how aware we are of our emotional state and if we are capable enough of regulating them properly.


Self-awareness and self-regulation go hand-in-hand in making sure we use positive emotions more and toning down the negative ones.

As a takeaway, the quote below summarizes the many why’s of doing self-reflection quite well:

“Change requires two things: a goal, and an awareness of where one currently is in order to assess the discrepancy between the two.”    Psychology Today


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