July 29, 2020

An Insight If You've Never Owned One


The choice has been made. You've decided to buy a physical planner for great personal reasons.


First, we say, congratulations! You're now part of a community that's dedicated to changing perspectives on time and how we leverage it. We have a long way to go. But by what you did, we have proof we seem to be doing something right.


And then we need to talk about what you must do next. Flip through the pages of the planner you chose and then assess how you felt. Do nothing but flip through them first. Get to know it by sight and by touch. You chose it for a reason among all the available ones in the market. Get an affinity for it. You'll soon have to form a relationship with it.


It will change your life, that's for sure.


What's Inside Counts

Generally, all planners are essentially a notebook. It looks like one and physically structured like one. But that's the only similarity they have. Your planner, for example, is more illustrative which triggers a visual experience from you. This initial bond you have is the key point of your continued use of it.

Planners are sized differently too. The most basic of it is the A4 size. Some would call this an appropriate size for heavy users. But experience will tell you that when it comes to planner sizes, it's all a matter of personal preference. However, the widely preferred size is the A4 which can cater to any type of need - plain or complex. The choice of how you plan on using it is altogether a different topic.


Planners also come dated like a calendar. Those who prefer this type of planners like how they don't have to add anything to it. It's already structured well enough to use immediately. But then there's also theundated versions which are more versatile in nature. People who use them like the freedom it gives the user.


In order to fully utilize a planner to its full potential, a user must understand the structure first and fall in love with it. Let us explain this further.

More than the lines or dates on your planners, the layout has a purpose for existing. There's a system in there which you must get to know and know well. The reasons why you bought a planner must run in parallel with the planner's main principle. Understand that if you don't respect the structure it comes with, you will never see why you must use it regularly.


Here's an additional tip: Don't just buy planners for their cover designs alone. Full embellishments do not mean they would be extremely useful in the long run because they might come with unnecessary things inside.


There are a lot of planners today that are not structurally sound - without solid principles or concepts incorporated into the layout. Unfortunately, this is why they become dust collectors in the end, stowed away in a corner somewhere and never updated ever again.


Keep it CLOSE

Let's bring back the fact that you must form a bond with your planner in the first instance. And this bond must be reinforced by having you emotionally invested into every page of it - to the point where you respect it and how it could potentially help you.


If you don't fall in love with your planner from the get-go, nothing will ever inspire you to use its pages regularly. We believe that if you've ever been challenged this way by a planner before, it was because you had no rapport with its structure. And a big factor for why this was so is that you never loved it enough to take with you - close to you.

Proximity is the one thing that could change all that. Make it a practice to assign your planner an essential stake in your life. That primarily means packing it with you along with all your essentials. Ask yourself, if you were stranded on an island alone, what could you pack to take with you so you wouldn't get bored? That level of need should compel you to carry the planner with you wherever you go.

Keeping your planner close with you at all times promotes regular use of it. The same is true with anything basic in your life - such as your smartphone, your laptop or your other life's essentials. If it is always close by, the propensity to use it often increases. For as long as you can have time to sit down to write, you will pick up your planner and do it there.


We will further drive this point by making another - stay consistent where you store it. Designate one place to store your planner when you're not moving about. This usually means a place in your home where you spend most of your time. This should give you a lot of chances to use your planner as many times as you want, in your own style and comfort.


Tools To Be Used

Many planner enthusiasts will attest that every planner is rather raw if you don't use creative tools in order to keep it interesting. These tools are NECESSARY, not optional because, without them, you'll soon lose interest in your planner by even the smallest flaw you see.

By tools, we mean your favorite pens, your trusted coloring materials, stamps, stickers and washi tapes in all shapes and sizes. The most elaborate decorators of planners choose to have these tools in all the brands available. And we are not exaggerating on this. The logic is the more options you have, the better your decorated planners will turn out.


Essentially, writing implements and tools give you creative freedom. By using them along with your basic planning, you're not limiting the uses of your planners to just writing and scheduling. It gives you an extra push to keep at it.


Decorating Makes A Difference


Now that you've got the hang of what you should do, it's time to take your planning up a notch. Decorating your planner will be difficult when you start out but with the proper advice and knowledge, you'd work your magic to any planner you come across.


Like we always say, your planner has a regular structure but these can be utilized and customized according to your style and preference. Using whatever decorating materials you have, you can start out simply by coloring in dates, or adding your own flair into the layout like the calendar. You can specify quotes to inspire you. There's also plenty of space to clip on pictures and mementos. The possibilities are endless in terms of decorating.

Decorating on your planner has many benefits, in case you didn't know that. People do it for a lot of reasons not just to pass up the time. It's a form of therapy for some people. Others do it to help them sort out their priorities and to focus. Others are driven by their creative spirits. The benefits vary for each one.


If you think you can decorate fairly well, why not give this practice a chance?


Creativity and Imagination Leads The Way

Like in all things creative, your imagination plays a big role. Some reliable planners are made to cater to your boundless imagination. They become like a canvas for anything you can think of. For this, you need to trust your instincts first, and then let your imagination take the reigns. You are totally free to express any and all ideas here.


The main purpose of doing so is to make your planners your own. After all, it should be filled up with your story. Customizing it is just natural. The rationale here is when your planners become a true reflection of you, you will be compelled to use it as many times as you want. If you do it often, you will eventually develop it into a habit.

The Bottom Line

For as long as you are dedicated enough to do the necessary steps in using a planner correctly, there should be good changes that will manifest. You will find your life more controlled, your productivity increases and you're hitting goals one after another.


You've become a winner because of your planner!



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