July 02, 2020


If you've never owned one, the opinion you'll have about planners may be mixed. At best, you know it's a productivity tool but still isn't convinced it's the best one out there. The entire digital world is filled with lots of productivity tools. Why go for a physical planner?


That sentiment, albeit, opinion is nothing new. We've heard dozens of similar viewpoints before. However, we also believe you can be nudged into persuasion.


We won't attempt to convince you without proper facts. Lately, we've armed ourselves with science-based evidence that will prove how having a physical planner will be a great contribution to your health and life. Here's why you (and your brain) will thank you for using one:


1. You've Become Smarter For Writing

It's true that physical planners are great tools for setting time, keeping appointments and meeting due dates. Underneath all that productivity output, however, is a fact we often ignore. The physical act of writing things down on paper does wonders to our brain. WE ACTUALLY BECOME SMARTER FOR IT.

Evidence shows that the more we exercise our handwriting through writing things on paper (not electronically) like how we used to be trained in kindergarten, the better we keep our brain engaged. That's because our handwriting has a deep link to our educational development.


You've first learned how to write as a necessary skill - learning to write so we can read. As we got older, it became more of a training for proficiency. In school, we adapted to writing faster in order to comprehend better and answer questions quicker than normal. This proves that the more we write things down, the faster we can retain information.


The brain is a fascinating organ and instrument. The more exercises we do to enhance our cognitive processes, the better we become. Writing is one such exercise. When we write, our brain circuits are fired up and instantly recognizes the information we're working on. Learning is much faster and becomes easier, according to Stanislas Dehaene, a psychologist at the Collège de France in Paris.


“There is a core recognition of the gesture in the written word, a sort of recognition by mental simulation in your brain. And it seems that this circuit is contributing in unique ways we didn’t realize,” he continued.


This primarily explains why regular updates on our physical planners are more efficient at keeping us organized. All the writing that's done isn't wasted as it goes to an essential brain improvement activity. So whoever says writing on planners is too much work, is missing out on a lot. We will put it at that.


2. Creative Planning For Emotional Stability

Planners, aside from all the writing in of all things relating to our dreams, goals and action plans, have become instruments of art as well. Planner enthusiasts have stated time and time again why they take time to transform their planners into magnificent creative expressions - it's therapeutic for them.

Doing countless creative things on their planners and customizing them each week is a purposeful exercise. It relaxes and soothes the soul. Some even say it gives them much-needed clarity. Others keep at it in order to nurture their creative spirit.


Each one has a recognized purpose for doing it - they're getting something satisfied within themselves. How would you explain that through science?


It's all boils down to one thing - our psychological well-being demands it. And it's something innate in all of us to want to nourish. There are psychological studies that prove why we need to exercise the creative side of our brain - like when we draw, doodle, color or paint. It seems when we do, we easily feed into our deep-rooted need for creative stimulation and balance.


It's the same reason why some people feel happy when they see bright colors. Or, why some people stress less when they paint. Doodling aids cognitive performance, it turns out. A study published inJournal of Applied Cognitive Psychologysuggests that people who doodle a lot, tend to recall dull information better than those who don't. This gives a whole new perspective to all doodlers out there! The next time you get called out for doodling too much, point them out the direction of a psychological backing for doing so (wink, wink).


There's another important note to point out in the same vein as doodling. Drawing, as in the case of art, is valuable therapy. And the benefits go beyond just enjoying the activity itself. Some people do more of it for the benefits of self-care. Drawing has the ability to lift moods, relieve anxieties and even help calm you down to a more positive state of being.

Drawing is also a means of coping. The more we do it, the more our mind calms down to a peaceful, relaxed state. As you know, this is especially beneficial for those who stress about everything. Think of drawing as your veritable therapy for stress relief.


Being able to cope with stress is like having superpowers. In this case, those who customize their planners by drawing and doodling have one important advantage over others - their heightened ability to de-stress and thus become more productive as a result.


3.  Great Time Management Skills Help Bolster Career Growth

The whole purpose of having planners is to bolster our productivity index. Some people have become better at it. How do they do it, you ask?


The missing component is superior time management skills. Coping with stress by using planners is one way to become a better time manager. And that, in turn, provides you wide opportunities to get ahead of others. This way, your ability to produce more work in less time can be your leg up in terms of career advancement.

Planners are a good way to establish good habits we need to become better time managers as well. Habitual or diligent pursuits, as in the case of regular planning sessions to map your time, is a form of discipline.


Clearly, this emphasizes a strong point - those who are more disciplined with their time pursuits get more things done which is the very definition of productivity.

In a nutshell, physical planners are proof of the harmonious marriage between science and art of customizing. However way you choose to do it, your planners will always get you where you need to be which is to become a well-rounded individual.

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