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April 10, 2019

There’s so much a journal can do for you.

Don’t believe us? We get you. It just might be might be too old-fashioned for you. Isn’t journaling just a matter of adding in a schedule for the day or a couple of to-do things? There’s an app for that.

You wouldn’t be wrong to think this way. Journaling is all that. But we figure that could simply be a case of not knowing what to add into a journal. We’ve got tons of ideas here for you.

Let’s get started.

Journaling is evolving with each and every idea you add on to it. Here are a few points to jumpstart page one of your journal:

Inspirational Quote
We’ve all got a mantra, right? At one point in our life, we may have derived inspiration from a quote by somebody famous. Start with that. Adding in a few favorite quotes in your journal is a start in the right direction. Quotes have this power to motivate us into getting stuff done. Having a rough day? Simply flip through your journal and read your favorite quote for an instant pick-me-up.

weekly overview planner


Important Dates - Highlight the dates that are most significant to you like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. We do it all the time on our mobile phones but keeping it in our journals is a much more basic way to remind us why these dates matter. It helps you get ready - in case you need to buy someone a present, for example.

Life Milestones or Important Events - Let’s say, you studied like crazy to ace nursing school and then finally you passed the licensure exams. Write that in your journal - mark the date you passed and how you felt the minute you found out. Okay, maybe write down your own birthday? People tend to forget that. Write down events in your life that must never be forgotten. Doing this, you’d never run out of ideas since life’s full of milestones to write about - yours or other people’s.

Describing a Dream - We don’t always remember the dreams we get and so when you do, it’s always good to write them down on your journal. Make sure you describe every single detail. The more vivid it is, the better for reading back years later. It’s fun going through old pages and be surprised at what your brain had conjured up.

daily planner

Make A List of Things - Pretty sure you kept a list somewhere. It could be of anything like a bucket list or things to do on vacation. The purpose of writing down lists in journals is for you to look back on it someday and see if you’ve made progress with a goal. One good thing, there’s no limit to any list you can make.

writing in planner

Tracking Food or Health - If you’re the type who’s watching your calorie intake or maybe just counting down days until the next doctor’s appointment, a planner or a journal would be helpful. This way, appointments can be met on time, all of the time. Or, do you have any weight goals to achieve? Anyone?

Write Secret Letters - Since you’re solely in charge of the wonderful things you can put on your journal, you may as well include your secrets on there. Write secret letters to anyone. It’s also a practical way to unload how you feel.

monthly planner

Reflecting on Challenges - If you’ve got personal struggles, minor or major, you can be free to journal that. Writing down problems can lead to finding their solutions. You could also write down all your learning points from going through this process. This could be a way to overcome your challenges too.

Making Long-term Plans - What are we without our goals, right? We live for them. We look forward to achieving what we dream of in life. Why not make it your journal’s main action point? Also include your specific plans. In this case, the more you write down, the better it is for your well-being. Planning for everything is always good practice.

goal planner

Thoughtless Entries - It may have begun as a few thoughts on paper for you but this will soon evolve into a diary of random thoughts. Nothing wrong with that, actually. They are your own and so it matters. No thought is too ridiculous to exclude. They make for good laughs as you look back. Always.

wordsworth planner

Journaling is ART in itself. It’s no longer just scribbling stuff on blank pages. Gone are the days of just simply ticking off to-do lists. Journaling has now become a personal journey of development for you. Congratulations, you’re also becoming a better version of YOU.